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10 Spooky Halloween Costumes For All Ages!!

10 Spooky Halloween Costumes For All Ages!!

10 Spooky Halloween

Costumes For All Ages!!

When I say Halloween what’s the scariest thing you can think of? Is it scary skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, werewolves, vampires, or a devil?! Whether it be Frankenstein, zombies, vampires and or werewolves we got it all at The Costume Shop

Who said that spooky costumes have an age restriction? Due to The Costume Shop’ s wide variety of costumes there is something perfect and scary for everyone in your family~! 

Here’s a list of spooky costumes that will rock your halloween this year, check em out!!:

Golden Skeleton Costume

Do you want to look sexy but also spooky? Well then the Golden Skeleton Costume is just for you! For a low cost of $68, you can show off your sexy precious bones, while still keeping it PG! And maybe even get another ;)! With a cropped long sleeve top and a mini skirt that trails down to thigh-high stockings, you will be the center of attention. Show off ALL of your  sexy curves in this costume's multi-stretch material. Come take a look at the golden skeleton costume at the Costume shop.

Poncho Jack-o-lantern Instant 

When I think of Halloween, the first thing I think of is carving pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o'-lanterns can be scary or sometimes they can be cute. With this costume you can be that cute pumpkin with an edge INSTANTLY. Just by simply throwing on the poncho you will have the quickest, and cutest costume amongst your peers. A huge plus is also that this poncho is extremely FLOWY and COMFORTABLE, meaning that you can eat as much as you want at the party without worrying about a food baby. For only $39.88, you can rock this Halloween in this comfortable and affordable pumpkin costume.

The Nun Adult Std 

Want to avoid looking sexy and go straight to full on spooky? Then the possessed  Nun costume is the perfect costume for any occasion. The nun costume from the famous horror movie “The Nun” from the “Conjuring” saga is iry. The full length sleeve and ankle length skirt leaves it all up to the imagination, and allows you to be extremely warm during your wait to get into the bar. The full face mask allows for a low maintenance (no makeup required) costume that takes seconds. 

For only $67.88 this possessed nun costume includes a full head covering with bib and dress and scary face mask. Possess the crowd at your party this year, and win that best costume award. 

Sister Mary Evil Costume

Just like with The Nun Adult Std, Sister Mary has a mysterious and evil aura surrounding her. Beware of blessings from this dark nun! 

This possessed holy sister will conjure up all the evil spirits. The Sister Mary Evil Adult costume includes a black long sleeve lace front mini dress with embroidered cross patches and a black veil. Complement this look by adding some gloves, black tights, and shoes and applying some makeup. For only $41, you can conjure up an audience of amazed peers this Halloween. Make this year yours with this sexy, spooky dark nun costume. 

Vlad Latex Mask  

This Vlad full over-the-head latex mask would be a striking hit at any event. The skin like quality that this other-worldly vampire possesses is unsettling at best. You will be the star of the show. Stare into human souls with your glowing yellow eyes, bring terror to anyone you cross paths with. 

Pair this toothy vampire mask with a black outfit and cape and you are set to have the best halloween costume amongst your friends. 

For only $53.88, this life-like creature mask will change your costume game and allow you to be party ready. 

Day Of The Dead Zombie  

Are you looking for a way to bring back the demons of the past? Or some spirits hunted the world for over decades long? Or are you just trying to drink some spirits with your pals? Regardless of your answer, the day of the dead Zombie mask is for you! This mask is the best traditional Mexican based dead skull mask that fits most adults. The skin like quality of the mask will conform to your face, and allow for a makeup free application. Meaning that after your night of partying you will simply have to take off the mask (if you wish), and you are bed ready. This mask is not only creepy but downright scary! For a low cost of $63, you can own this mask where you can drink all the spirits you want while still scaring the life out of your peers.

Tarantula Costume

Does your child want to be something scary this year to school? The Tarantula Costume is the perfect way to dress up for school, and trick or treat without causing any dress code problems. This cute, but spooky costume will impress your child’s friends with its unique style and creepy presence. Let your child be original this year, and stand out amongst their friends. Don’t miss out on this awesome costume, only for $53.88~!! Just wait until you see the excitement in your child's face when they put on this costume!

Big Top Terror Clown

Does your child want to be extra scary this year? How about you take it up a notch with the Big Top Terror Clown costume! This spooky retro style clown costume is the full package, with a ruffed neck collar, a pinstripe jumpsuit and a matching hat, this costume is set to amaze anyone who sees it. This costume can also be paired with clown costumes for the whole family to create a circus of sadistic clowns that can terrorize your neighbourhood, and scare your neighbours! (Check some out here: Nightmare Clown Costume, Sadistic Clown Costume). For only $44.88, your child can travel back to a retro carnival with this killer clown costume. Let the fun begin with this Big Top Terror Clown costume!

Scarecrow Toddler

Want to dress your toddler up in something that you will always remember? This year fit your toddler in a classic scarecrow costume inspired by The Wizard Of Oz franchise~! Both cute and spooky, this perfect costume will make your family instagram photos pop, while also allowing your neighbourhood to be your child’s catwalk this year while they trick or treat. Make this year one that you will never forget with this $45.88 toddler scarecrow costume~!!

Scarecrow Costume

Want to dress up with your child? Match your toddler this year by snagging this unisex scarecrow costume~!! Look like a cute pair of scarecrows while you and your toddler go on about your day during Halloween. Feel like the main character this year by stealing all attention from your neighbours and peers. Once done trick or treating, this halloween costume can transition into the perfect party fit for a long night of drinking. For only $67.88, you can make all your dreams come true with this multi-purpose scarecrow costume. 


Spooky costumes do not have an age limit, from 0-100 feel comfortable knowing that The Costume Shop is here for all your costume needs regardless of the occasion~! The Costume Shop has a wide variety of costumes that vary in their level of scariness that allow for you to have the decision to choose EXACTLY who and what you want to be this Halloween. Feel ease with your power of choice at The Costume Shop. Look awesome this year, and amaze your peers with unique and high quality costumes this halloween. 

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